The process of creating something

The process of creating something

What inspires me as an audio engineer

This is going to be a short one, as the concept is simple but still very powerful to me. What genuinely inspires me is the process of creating something. You probably know the feeling; having a starting point and creating something that wasn’t there before. You sit down, do your work and turn an input into something new (and hopefully better). Whether you’re writing, producing, mixing, mastering etc. you’re always in the process of creating something. This feeling... Putting something new into the world that people might enjoy, share and get inspired is really what gets me going.

Especially using creativity in this creational process is amazing to me. The lack of rules and positivity towards breaking the standards in music really functions as a boost for me. It’s a wide open sky of possibilities, which you don’t get in any industry. It can also be scary at times and lead you off the trail, but that’s the price of great freedom.

I find that when thinking like this, a feedback loop is created. I feel empowered by creating. This might inspire other people to create in their own way and domain, which inspire others that might in turn inspire me again in the end. The end product is a flow of inspiration and new creations across domains. That’s extremely powerful to me.

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